What is DBNodeUpdate Utility?

From Oracle Support :

dbnodeupdate.sh and dbserver.patch.zip: Updating Exadata Database Server Software using the DBNodeUpdate Utility and patchmgr (Doc ID 1553103.1)

NOTE: Starting Exadata dbnodeupdate.zip is no more available as a separate download. Exadata Database Node Updates should be applied using patchmgr. The dbserver.patch.zip file contains a special version of patchmgr used to orchestrate dbnodeupdate in updating Exadata Databases Nodes. dbnodeupdate.zip is still available in the dbserver.patch.zip file for those who prefer manual execution the conventional way

  • Download dbserver.patch.zip as p21634633_12*_Linux-x86-64.zip, which contains dbnodeupdate.zip and patchmgr for dbnodeupdate orchestration via patch 21634633

This patch dbserver.patch.zip comes witch special version of patchmgr (not the same one  as we use for cell storage and IB switch patching) to  orchestrate dbnodeupdate in updating Exadata Databases Nodes.

But I prefer not to use patcmgr for  compute node update.I prefer manual execution the conventional way.Since conventional  way is much more controllable if something goes wrong.

When you unzip  dbnodeupdate.zip ,you ‘ll see dbnodeupdate.sh script ,this script is doing amazing job.You always call this script during database server patching.

Download this patch copy under each database server local file system.(Not NFS file system,Not shareable location) and unzip the patch file  and inside unzipped folder unzip the dbnodeupdate.zip file   as a ROOT user.

Some examples:

./dbnodeupdate.sh -b  –> It takes backup for your / file system

./dbnodeupdate.sh -u -l location_of_your_compute_node_patch_.zip  -v –>It executes prerequisite for upgrade

./dbnodeupdate.sh  -c –>It runs after patching steps (Like relinking oracle home binaries with RDS protocol)

Usage: dbnodeupdate.sh [ -u | -r | -c | -b | -C ] [ -l <baseurl|zip file> ] [-p] <phase> [-n] [-s] [-i] [-k] [-A] [-K] [-w] [-q] [-S] [-v] [-t] [-R] [-b] [-m] [-M] [-N] [-a] | [-V] | [-h]
-u Upgrade
-r Rollback
-c Complete post actions (verify image status, cleanup, apply fixes, relink all homes, enable GI to start/start all domU’s)
-l <baseurl|zip file> Baseurl (http or zipped iso file for the repository)
-s Shutdown stack (domU’s for VM) before upgrading/rolling back
-p Bootstrap phase (1 or 2) only to be used when instructed by dbnodeupdate.sh
-q Quiet mode (no prompting) only be used in combination with -t
-n No backup will be created (Option disabled for systems being updated from Oracle Linux 5 to Oracle Linux 6)
-M Allow rpms be removed or pre-updated at prereq check time (-v) – (default is not allowed)
-N (default) No rpms will be removed or pre-updated at prereq check time (-v) – this will cause most prereq checks to fail.
-a Allow dbnodeupdate.sh to run with active NFS/SMB mounts. Requires compatible dbserver_backup.sh
Active NFS/SMB mounts supported starting release
-t ‘to release’ – used when in quiet mode or used when updating to one-offs/releases via ‘latest’ channel (requires
-v Verify prereqs only. Only to be used with -u and -l option
-b Perform backup only
-R Remove any custom rpms found
-m Install / update-to exadata-sun/hp-computenode-minimum only ( and later)
-i When specified during completion steps (-c), relinking of stack will be disabled and stack will not be not started.
-S When specified during the Oracle Linux 6 – Oracle Linux 7 upgrades: Skips certification of Grid Infrastructure/Database home compatibility with Oracle Linux 7.
-D Relink database homes only (skip Grid Infrastructure). Only possible in combination with -c
-k Keep EM-agents running
-C Cleanup mode. Cleans up all temporary content on the database node
-K Keep rpms and config the same while running complete post actions (-c) (default when rolling back)
-w Ignore open hardware alerts
-d Disable application database connection draining – (default is ON but only possible if supported by Oracle Grid Infrastructure).
-V Print version
-h Print usage

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