Prerequisite Steps For Compute Nodes

We use script for checking prerequisite and running patch both. Dbnodeupdate is a tool which you need to use during database/compute nodes patches.

It is a script and run with different parameter. I recommend always using latest version of this script. Where can I find its latest version of dbnodeupdate ?

Before running this script for prerequisite check,it is better to review some steps as a checklist.

1-Check ILOM access for all database servers are reachable and reset ILOM.ILOM is your eye!

2-Make sure you’ve ssh equivalencies between 1st compute node and all the other servers (compute nodes and cell servers).It is enough to have equivalency one way from 1st compute node to others.

3-Prepare local copy of group files  under /root directory,put compute nodes names in dbs_group

4-Make sure you’ve latest version of dbnodeupdate

5- Check whether you’ve NFS file system or not,since you have to UMOUNT it before starting OS backup.It only requires during OS backup.Once backup done,you can mount again.

As a root run this command to umount NFS file system,make sure nobody using this file system.Some backup process or application may use it.

umount -a -t nfs -f -l

6- Run dbnodeupdate command with ONLY BACKUP option

./ -b  –>It only takes OS backup (only / directory).It takes up to 1h but generally 30min.It also takes exawatcher logs backup,if you keep them

How takes your OS backup?

7- Run dbnodeupdate command for prerequisite check.

./ -u -l /u01/patches/ -v


As you can see in sample output I’ve  many errors.First of all I need  to patch Grid/Rdbms homes and remove some custom rpms.

When you clean up all errors , run command one more time and make sure you it is clear for upgrade.

You’re ready to patch.


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