All About Exadata 888828.1

This document 888828.1 has everything about Exadata. I regularly check this document especially “Latest Releases and Patching News”.It changes very  frequently and oracle says “Patch release frequency is subject to change without notice.”

As you can see in the document, it recommends to review Document 1270094.1 for Exadata Critical Issues.

and another one  to review Document 1405320.1 for Responses to common Exadata security scan findings.

The machine itself is so complicated so you should  know which components exactly need to be upgraded.

What are the components ?

1-Exadata cell storage servers and Database compute node servers.You have to download 2 separate patch software.

2-Infiniband switches.Its software comes with Exadata cell storage patch software.So you don’t need to download separate software for IB switches.

3-Additional components.Ethernet(Cisco) Switch,PDU (Power Distribution Unit),KVM. You generally not need to upgrade these components unless you’ve any issue.

4-Oracle Grid(ASM) Infrastructure and Database.These components are not major part of Exadata software patch activity but I recommend at least patch to Grid(ASM) home (BP-Bundle Patch). Exadata Database/Grid home patches are called little different than normal traditional database patch activities.Here is very good article:

but rolling exadata patch requires minimum patch level on Grid/Rdbms home.So you may need to patch rdbms/grid home before starting Exadata Patching otherwise prerequisite steps will fail.

Which version I need to download ?

It depends on your hardware version and your database version.

As you can see in compatibility table,it depend on your hardware version.Lets say if you’ve X2 version hardware you can go with up to software 18.X  not 19.X  but if you have X7 hardware version ,you have to go with software version 18.X higher and your grid(ASM)  infrastructure patch level has to be at certain level.

Check database version compatibility also.

As per the database version compatibility table if your database version is 18c ,you cannot go with exadata software version 12 .

For example.if you have plan to upgrade your database version 12c to 18c ,you must upgrade first your exadata software to version 18 since 18c database only working exadata software or higher.

Which patch I need to download ? What is QFSDP (Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch) ?

Oracle put all components in one  file which includes everything.I prefer downloading separate .I’m not fun of QFSDP.

As an example I want to upgrade my exadata version to (image version)

Every new patch release come with new supplemental README, Document Id. This patch documents’ is 1626579.1,read it first completely before doing anything.

After reviewing this supplemental README,you re read to download patch software.Click the  patch link and download them.I assume you’ve bare metal(physical,not OVM) server.

Patch 29195267 – Storage server software ( and InfiniBand switch software (2.2.11-2)

For this storage server software patch come with IB switch software and you  use patchmgr utility.

Patch 29181103 – Database server bare metal / domU ULN exadata_dbserver_19. OL7 channel ISO image (

For this database server patch ,you  use dbnodeupdate  utility.

What is  DBNodeUpdate Utility ?

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