This blog  is the one of the most detailed blog about Exadata Patching Steps.It explains you everything step by step how to patch Exadata. I explained simply as much as possible.

Exadata is very expensive machine and seems very complicated.It has lots of components need to be patched.So  where to start is a big question.

You magic number is 888828.1.Check this oracle document ID before starting anything.

888828.1 is your magic number.

Let’s start.Here are the steps you need follow:

1-Prerequisite steps for database/compute nodes.

2-Patch steps for database/compute nodes.

3-Prerequisite steps for cell storage nodes.

4-Patch steps for cell storage nodes.

5-Prerequisite  steps for IB (Infiniband Switch)

6-Patch steps for IB (Infiniband Switch)